Current Nitrado Server Status

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Is Nitrado Down is not an official Nitrado page. We provide information about Nitrado server status based on an independent project, therefore we can not guarantee that the status of every active Nitrado server is listed and displayed correctly on this page. You may not consult the Nitrado customer support for any questions related to this page. If you run into a bug or want to contact us for any other reason, shoot us a mail.

All server listed on this page are splitted into multiple categories. Each category contains a overall-status icon that displays the status of all the servers in this category. You can click on a category to view the status of all the servers listed in it. The status of a server is represented by the ping icon on the right side.
Category & Server: Online, Offline
Category only: Partially Online
Other Icons: Avg. uptime since 2014-03-21

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